The Nest Book Review

Nothing like a good old dysfunctional family to make a book better. The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney is packed with secrets, money problems, and a big dysfunctional family.

Each little chapter follows a different character and the secrets they are keeping. Of course because this is a family, as well as people connected to them, everything ties together. This is called ‘The Nest’, as that is what a large sum of money is called to the Plumb siblings. They have to wait for their youngest sibling, there are four of them, to turn 40. Once she hits her 40th, they are supposed to come into this money their deceased father set up.

Unfortunately, Leo, the screw up of the family has jeopardized everything and now the siblings are falling apart over their financial woes. They don’t know if they can rely on getting their money and that means they will have to reveal their financial secrets to their spouses. The siblings are by no means close and there are so many secrets! A secret marriage, a lover, drugs, and a pregnancy!

I couldn’t stop reading this. I wanted to know more about the families and what they were going to do. There were also some memories too so you got a peak into the siblings growing up and what kind of life they had.

I love the reveal of secrets and family drama! They definitely make a good book. I recommend checking this one out and I plan on looking into the author more to see if she has other books too!

Any books with secrets unravelling that you would recommend?



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