Punjab Restaurant Review

My boyfriend brought me here on one of our first dates and we’ve gone back so many times since! I remember being super nervous because I never had Indian food before and never really had spicy stuff either. I LOVED it! We went again tonight for our date night. This is on Dollard in Lasalle and it isn’t super noticeable, at least I would never have noticed it. It is kind of in like a strip of stores and restaurants.

They serve vegetarian Indian food and it is fantastic! Over the years we have had the exact same waitress and she is amazing. She has our order down and remembers stuff we talked about last time. She’s super friendly.

We always get samosas to start and then their tahli plate. The plate is always different but it always has rice and naan bread with it. It is also always chick peas or lentils in the middle then different things in the other two parts. The meal is super filling and the prices are insane! My boyfriend and I had 4 samosas, 2 full meals, and we got 12 samosas to go. All of it was $28! The food is amazing so it’s crazy how cheap it is.

I know for a fact that we are going to keep going back! It’s always amazing food and fantastic service. It just can’t be beat! It is hands down one of my favourite restaurants.

What’s your favourite place to eat?



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