Nora’s 8 month update

It’s feels like I wrote a 7 month update like 2 days ago. What is happening?! I stated in her last update that it was one of the biggest changes so far but now I’m not too sure…

At 8 months old miss Nora Grace has two teeth, weighs close to 20 pounds, and is so close to crawling! She is now able to get up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. She moves forward with her head on the floor. She likes to pull up into a sitting position, and pulls herself into a standing one on us. This month she doesn’t like to be left alone, and would rather spend all day in Mommy’s arms. Her favourite place to be is still Mommy and Daddy’s bed, and she loves to look at books.

This month was full of firsts! I’m sure I can’t remember all of them but of course we tried lots of new foods. We swam in the pool for the first time and loved it. Nora was so content she dozed off in my arms. I want to spend everyday in the pool if it means cuddles! We also tried the swing for the first time…it didn’t go so well. We have tried a couple more times since then and it seems to be going a bit better each time. It helps if there are other kids at the park that she can look at but she is still not very impressed.

Most importantly…(just kidding) we made our first pig tail!! Miss Nora has started to babble more in the last few days, we are finally hearing some syllables so the race to “mama” or “dada” has officially begun! She has come so close to saying both! I teared up when I saw her first tooth coming in, so I’m totally going to cry when she says her first word.

This month feels like such a big change, in the sense that my baby is really growing up! I know I say this all the time but she really is so smart! Everyday she does something new that amazes me and it just keeps getting more amazing!

We finally had the chance to do a fruit bath and I just can’t. The pictures are so cute I can’t wait to do others!



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