Wet’n’Wild Makeup Remover

I finished off my makeup remover and moved on to this one! I bought it because of the packaging and I will probably repurchase it because of the packaging!

The remover itself is a micellar cleansing water but there is nothing outstanding from this formula to others I have used. It is pretty good at taking off all my makeup without difficulty. It is simple to use too. You have to shake it pretty well so the formula mixes. Before shaking it you can see it is almost separated… kind of like water and oil which it probably is.  Shaking it mixes it up properly.

My absolute favourite thing about this it the locking pump! No leaks with this which makes it perfect for travelling. All you do is open the top, twist the pump to unlock and then with your cotton round you push down. You can lock it after every use or just when you are throwing it in your bag. The bottle I have is also pretty small.

Another important thing, this is cruelty free! Wet’N’Wild doesn’t test on animals so this is definitely a guilt free product and a brand to support! I bought mine at Walmart but you can find this wherever they sell this brand. This product is also vegan which is cool too. I don’t know if all of their stuff is but this one is. Both the cruelty free part and the vegan part is indicated on the bottle so you can look for that when looking at their removers.

I have another micellar water remover to use after this one but I might just pour it into this bottle and use it like that! It makes things so much easier.

Have you guys tried this makeup remover? Any other brands you recommend?



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