June Project Pan – New Lip Products!

In my last project pan post I set a goal of 8 empties and I JUST made it!! I finished my cleansing gel this morning so that makes my eight empties for the last month. I don’t plan on repurchasing anything at this time as I have no need for any of them. I already have a full sized version of the cleansing gel, the priming moisturizer, and the body butter! I’m set for a while with all of those.

I have no intention of buying that deodorant again or ever getting the YSL strobing light.They just aren’t for me, I’m switching back to my regular deodorant as I found this one to be super drying. I think I will buy the foot peel mask again but not for a while. That isn’t something I would want to do all that often.

I did make a small purchase this month! It has been awhile. I bought this Too Faced lipstick that I have been wanting to try as well as the Boscia foot mask. I already used the foot mask so it came in and went right back out! The lipstick is here to stay for a while. I also got a glamglow sample mask that I am putting into my current project pan.

I made really good progress on my double sided Bite Beauty lipstick! I’ve decided the other two colours are better suited for Fall so I’m switching them out. I kept the Bite one but I added a Benefit Posie Balm, a Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang lipstick, and a Benefit Dandelion gloss. They are all small sized ones so I’m hoping to really push through them. The Fig side of the Bite lipstick is almost done! It will be gone this summer for sure. The Rose Gold side should be done this summer too but we will see as it is very glittery.

Here is everything I am actively working through. The lip products mentioned before, the highlight I have been using for soooo long, three samples, my BBW hand sanitizer, and a hand cream from the Body Shop. The hand cream is replacing the body butter I finished. I’m in no rush for that, I just plan on keeping it in my bag and using it as needed.

Here are the 4 things I know I can finish for sure this month! I’m setting my goal at 6 things because I’m not super close to finishing a bunch of things this time.

How many lip products do you guys use in a project at a time?



3 thoughts on “June Project Pan – New Lip Products!

  1. I only have one project going on right now. Earlier in the month, I used up 6 red lipsticks/glosses that I had been working hard on for months. Since then, I think I have used up two more lip products and am almost done with one more. I like to cycle through my lip products every month. Each month, I usually pick out one to two lip products to use and focus on. I usually can get through half a tube of one of them or sometimes even get to the point of removing the stopper. Once I remove the stopper, there is usually a month or two left the way I use the product. I love lip products, so I have a ton. But I have also gone through like 8 of them this year. No excuse for having like 50 of them though. lol.


    1. Wow that’s awesome!! I have waaaaaay too many lip products so I’m trying to push through some of them. I’m aiming to work through some of the smaller ones first just so I have less to deal with lol.

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