Holy Guacamole!

Baby B is the size of an avocado! I can’t believe how fast they are growing already. This week they (I say they because we don’t know yet if it’s a boy or girl and I’m not about to call it an it), has started being able to hear mommy’s voice and is growing hair! I can’t believe we are already at 16 weeks. The second time around is still as amazing as the first time.

Speaking of the first time, my first born is growing too fast out of the womb as well! She is starting to learn object pretence, and looks for the toy she dropped or when a person leaves the room. The first time I saw her do this with my grandparents cat had me in shock! I couldn’t believe it! She is showing how well she is starting to understand actions and words, she gives kisses on cues and jumps up and down when we say “jump,jump.” She has started grabbing and moving towards the objects she wants, and can clearly tell us where she wants to go when she is in our arms.

These may seem like nothing but to me I couldn’t be more proud of what my baby accomplishes each day. She is changing and developing so much so quickly! I am soaking in every second that I get to just watch her and it amazes me every time. I don’t want to forget any detail of this precious time.

Before we know it Baby B will be here and I won’t have time to sit and watch Nora every second of every day. This makes me really sad but I know what we are doing will benefit her in the long run.

Going back to Baby B, the heartburn has finally kicked in and I am getting really bad headaches for some reason. They are making me tired once again, but I was so thankful to have Nora’s daddy home on vacation this week. He let me sleep in or get a longer morning nap each day and cooked for us, it’s like I got a vacation too! He was a big help cleaning up after miss Nora Grace and carrying her around all day. Next week is a new week so here’s to being optimistic and I’m sure I’ll feel better then.

Did you notice a big difference between your first and second pregnancy?



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