Le Fair Ageless Skin Revitalizing Moisturizer

This is the latest skin care product that I’ve tried! Le Fair Ageless Skin got in touch with us and sent us this revitalizing moisturizer! The shipping was much faster than I thought it would be which was a great start.

I love the packaging of this! It looks so clean and simple and honestly ageless! The white and clear is such a nice look with simple touches of blue. The container looks like it’s glass but thankfully it isn’t. Under the lid there is another piece of hard plastic which keeps the product off the lid and away from the threads of the lid.

There isn’t a strong scent which is super important to me. My skin is suuuuuuper sensitive so certain strong perfume scents don’t work for me. I tried this out on my hand first to make sure I wouldn’t be allergic to it.

You really don’t need a lot of product! I have more than needed on my hand to show you that it’s very thick. The bright side is that this will be longer lasting. Because it is thicker I prefer to use this after taking off all my makeup at night.

I used this over the weekend and I ended up getting a very red bumpy patch on my skin. This is the only new product I’ve used in quite a while. I had a super stressful weekend as I had my convocation and I had major anxiety about it. I don’t know if the weird breakout thing was from this or the stress so I stopped using it. Once my skin clears up and I don’t have any stressful events planned I will definitely try it again. I used it on my hand and it was fine so it needs a second chance for sure! I will keep you guys posted!

Have you tried any products from this brand?



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