Munchkin 360 cup review

I’m so bad for only sitting down and writing these blog posts at 11 o’clock at night…I so look forward to them and then I have a crazy day and visitors for supper, like seriously?!

Amongst all the craziness going on right now I wanted to tell you guys about my new favourite thing for miss Nora Grace. I’m in multiple baby groups and I kept seeing people rave about this 360 cup. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried other things people raved about like a straw sippy cup that didn’t go so well, so I was skeptical. I wasn’t even actually looking for it when I came across it. Does anybody else spend an unnecessary amount of time in the baby section of the grocery store? Like it’s really not that big…

So anyways this cup was only $7.99 and it also said 12+ months on it so I figured if it didn’t work now we could always try again later on. When we got home and I opened it, my fiancé and I just stared at it, like what is this thing? How does it work?

It is spill-proof, which we tested right away and couldn’t figure out how our daughter would drink from this odd thing. My fiancé decided to try it himself and it was on the second try he discovered you have to suck on it to loosen the suction. So basically you can suck on it from anywhere on the cup and water will come out, hence the 360.

If my daughter is like every other 7 month old baby, she drinks water like she’s been in the desert for 10 days and she loves to drink out of our cups. So when we gave her this cup, she immediately knew what to do and loved it! She can hold it like a big girl and it makes such a less mess than even her other sippy cups would make.

The only con I can find with this cup is that now I really have to make sure she’s only getting 2oz a day since she’s getting more in her mouth than before.

I love that she’s learning how to properly hold a cup at such a young age! I would recommend this product to any momma with babes of any age and will definitely be getting one for my next baby as well.

I wish I would have thought to get a picture of Nora holding the cup to see what a pro she is but I didn’t think of it till just now…



One thought on “Munchkin 360 cup review

  1. I have that one too! I should cracked it out and see if Dean can use it now. He has the Munchkin Straw Sippy that holds fluid in the straw and he loves that one. The only con is that when it wears out, it spills EVERYWHERE. I just had to buy a replacement and throw out the two he had before.

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