Leaving Time Book Review

Jodi Picoult has done it again. I can’t get over how much research she puts into her books! This book is about a young girl, Jenna, trying to find her missing mom. Her mom worked with elephants and we learn about her research and how amazing elephants are!

Jenna’s parents owned an elephant sanctuary and both did research on them. There was a death at the sanctuary and that is when Alice, Jenna’s mom, goes missing. The book flashes between Jenna and two people she has helping her, an original detective of the case and a psychic. It also flashes back to Alice before she even met Jenna’s father, to how she came to be at the sanctuary and of course it teases out what happened.

I thought the book was a little bit slow at first but as it picked up I just couldn’t put it down. Also the ending.. OH MAN!! It is a surprise ending and it will throw you for a loop! I actually had to flip back and reread a little because I was freaking out and needed to see it again.

I definitely recommend this book and the elephant information was actually super interesting. I found out so much about them that I never even thought before. It was a nice touch because it worked really well with the story and what was happening.

Any book recommendations for me? I got one from a follower on Instagram and ordered the book she told me about! You’ll be seeing that post this summer too!



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