Lavender Bath Soak Review

I was sick for like two weeks and I am finally better. During those two weeks I took a lot of baths because I was just so tired and achy. I hate being sick this time of year! For some reason it just makes it feel worse. On the bright side, I got to try out my lavender bath soak from Simply Natural by Michelle. I’ve used this a few times now and I really like it!

I have the lavender scented one but if you check out her website she has some other scents you can chose from, including unscented ones which is a good idea because I know sometimes strong scents can give people headaches. She also mentions that you can use these to soothe sore muscles and to soak your feet. I will be trying that out in the near future for sure!

I’ve never actually used a product like this before. I usually go with bathbombs or just a typical bubble bath so this was a nice change. I sprinkled the product around the tub with the cute little spoon it came with.

The smell of this is just so nice. In the container it smells strong but once you use it in the bath the smell died down a bit. It was just enough without it feeling overwhelming. I’m sure the more product you use, the stronger the smell though.

The scent is very relaxing and I definitely recommend checking it out. It was such a nice change that I plan on incorporating it into my bath stuff and using it more often. I also really like this cute container that it came in! I know I will be keeping it for sure once I run out of what is in it. I will reuse it for something… not sure what yet but I think it would look cute on display with something in it!

What are your go to bath products?



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