P.F. Chang’s Restaurant Review

I always thought P.F. Chang’s was an American chain of restaurants but it turns out they are not only in Canada but there is one about 20 minutes from me! I’ve heard a lot of good things so when my boyfriend and I were talking about going out for dinner I decided we should check it out.

It was packed! There was a 45 minute wait for a table or we could eat at the bar. We chose the bar and it was pretty nice. Really big and we weren’t cramped or anything. It was a really nice ambiance too, and the staff was friendly. We went to their Laval location and I’m pretty sure we plan on going back!

We ordered two plates and split them. Both came with a bowl of rice too. We got the beef and broccoli (my favourite) and the kung pao chicken.

The beef and broccoli was soooo good! If we go back I would definitely get that again. The portions were a pretty good size too.

The kung pao chicken was really good but spicy, well spicy for me because I’m a baby when it comes to spice but I still eat it! It was really good. We would probably get that again but their sesame chicken looked super good too.

All in all it was good, other than the wait for a table. They do take reservations though so if we were more than two I would defiantly recommend making them!

Have you guys tried P.F. Chang’s before? Am I the only one that didn’t realize it was also in Canada?



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