Nora’s 7 month update

As I sit here and think about my already 7 month old, I feel like she is a completely different baby than she was a month ago. She’s developed this whole new side to her in such a short little time.

Now don’t get your hopes too high, she’s still little miss anti-social but now she’s also very clear on what she wants and does not want. She’s all of a sudden pushing things away, and pushing with both her hands and feet off of you if she doesn’t want to be held. Look out family members, now there’s no denying she doesn’t want to be held by you!

My little tiny baby now wants to sit up and play in her playpen (like huh?), and she makes these new faces that make me laugh every single time.

The way she listens so intently when we talk to her amazes me. She even looks down at our mouth, like she’s trying to understand what’s happening. I don’t understand where my baby went. Like how is she so smart and…big?!

Speaking of big, we got Nora’s shots done yesterday and she weighs a whooping 18 pounds!! Here I was thinking I was just getting weaker.

Our BLW adventure is still growing strong, Nora wants to eat literally everything and anything. I need to start getting more creative and I’m thinking of adding in breakfast since I should really work on eating it myself.

Still waiting on Nora’s first tooth…when did your littles get theirs?



3 thoughts on “Nora’s 7 month update

  1. First set of two bottom teeth at 4 months old. The two year upper molars have cut through now and the bottom ones are getting really close. I am so ready to be done with cutting teeth. Then, it’s a smooth ride until 6 when they start to fall out.


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