May Project Pan Update

I’m so please with what I have finished this month! The box below is included in the picture because I finished 3 bathbombs! They came in the box from Lush as a pre-wrapped gift from Christmas.

A perfume! Ah finally lol I’m so happy to be using another perfume. I was so ready for a change. I’m currently using another Victoria’s Secret one. The one I’ve chosen is a full sized version of Pure Seduction but I’ve used it a lot before so I only have around half way to go with this one.

I finished my Bite Beauty lip primer and I’ve made more progress on the Fig side of the lipstick duo. I was thinking of holding out on adding another lip product but then I realised I should add a lip gloss to the mix too. They take me forever to finish because I just don’t reach for them. Hopefully adding it to this project will help me at least make some progress. I’m adding one next month though because I can’t decide which to choose.

I realized I have made zero progress on the Aubergine one because I never put it in my makeup bag! I added it today though so here’s hoping I remember to actually use it.

I’ve officially hit pan in all three shadows in my trio. For now I’m going to keep using it. I haven’t decided if I’ll finish it before moving to the next one. I might just try to finish it or use it until I’m sick of it. I have so many other shadows that I want to use but it would also be nice to actually finish it and move on instead of just tossing it or forgetting about it again.

Overall I’m pretty happy with what I’ve accomplished this last month! I can’t wait to see how much progress I make now because I’m feeling pretty motivated! I think I can finish the Fig lipstick in another month or two which will be nice.

My goal is to get 8 empties next month! Wish me luck!



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