You are enough.

I got this t-shirt for Nora through a company on instagram and every time I look at it, it gives me all the feels.

Let me just start by saying THIS IS THE SOFTEST SHIRT EVER. You have to check out Urban Dreams Apparel Co. like right now. Oh and you can use the code NORA15 to save 😉

So back to the feels. Because that’s the thing about having a little girl, they must remember this at all times. Whether it’s with friends, boys or even school, they will ALWAYS be enough. Self-esteem is so so important and it’s hard for kids to have it, especially in today’s world.

I think that’s the scariest part of having children, is having them grow up. It’s such a terrible world out there, with online bullying and the online world in general. There’s so many ways for a child to get hurt emotionally, and as a parent I’m not sure how we prevent this from happening. I could tell them right from wrong every day and it’s not guaranteed what will happen.

I can also tell my little girl that is she enough, every single day, and there will be some days that she won’t believe it. Just like we have those days as well.

Thinking about this makes me wonder what kind of person my Nora Grace will turn into. Will she always be anti-social? What will her hobbies be? What will make her laugh? What will make her sad?

I hope and pray that we have a close relationship when she gets older, that’ll she’ll look at me with the same look of awe like she does now. I hope she’ll know how loved she is, and she’ll want to spend time with her Mommy.

I never want to forget the special moments we have now, even though I know they’ll be replaced by even better ones. I never want to forget the way she smells, or how proud I was of her when she sat up for the first time. I need to start keeping track of special milestones, and little things that will turn into bigger things later on. But I don’t know where to start. I feel like everyday spent with her should be marked on that calendar as a “special day.”

Should I keep a journal that she could read later on? For the days when she doesn’t feel like she’s enough? Oh gosh I hope those days never come. With her sparkling, big brown eyes, she can accomplish anything and everything.

It is definitely something I will look into and I think this may become my new motto…for when I feel down, or haven’t accomplished enough during the day. For when someone I know is having an off day, it works for every situation!

So please remember, whoever is reading this YOU. ARE. ENOUGH.



4 thoughts on “You are enough.

  1. I did a baby journal book while I was pregnant, so that Dean would know how much I loved and wanted him. Might not be a bad idea to pour your heart into a journal for Nora Grace for when she gets older and see all those moments through your eyes and memories she might not remember. Have your husband do a few passages too. She’ll benefit from it and one day, she will be glad to have a piece of you wherever she goes.


      1. Even a line once a day would do. Or one time a week or one time a month. Whatever is easiest for you. You could even just jot down moments and thoughts. Anything you want it to be.


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