Live Clean (baby) Mineral Sunscreen Lotion review

The nice weather has finally hit us here in Montreal and I know it’s time to put Nora in summer clothes but my mommy heart is struggling. The idea of her bare skin exposed in the harsh sunlight scares me. I know everyone goes through this but gah these first moments as a first time mom are hard.

With the thought of summer clothes comes the oh so dreaded thought of sunscreen. Sunscreen can be just as harsh as the sunshine! I knew off the bat we weren’t going to use Coppertone or Banana Boat, thanks to the recent stories of it burning the skin.

At the grocery store I had limited options but I got so excited when I saw my favourite brand, Live Clean, made one! I didn’t really hesitate to get this brand of sunscreen but now I’m kind of wishing I had.

I didn’t notice before purchasing that the sunscreen is a “sunscreen lotion” therefore is very, very thick. It’s hard to get out of the tube and is odd to apply on to baby’s skin.

I love that is all natural ingredients and free of all kinds of bad stuff, but because it says “fragrance free,” it has a horrible smell to it. It leaves Nora not only greasy feeling but now stinky as well.

I will definitely be looking into buying a new kind of sunscreen but for now it does the job!

What kind of sunscreen do you use on your babes?



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