Nora’s Baa-ptism

(Sheep themed, “baa”, see what I did there)

We had been planning this day for months. My fiancé comes from an old-school, religious (can I add in rich?) Italian family so let’s just say the expectations were a little high. We waited until Nora was a bit older seeing as the house took longer to finish than planned. Therefore, this was the first time we had a lot of people over at once, and also the first time we completely mixed all 3 families together.

We left waaayy too many things to do last minute but oh gosh I would love to say thank you to the person that invented pot-lucks! There was no way I could have prepared food for 40 people on top of everything else.

To say I was nervous was an understatement. The house wasn’t decorated like I had hoped, don’t get me started on family dynamics, and just the thought of Nora surrounded by all those people was making me cringe. Poor baby can’t handle being around 5 people, nevermind 40!

I can’t thank my mom enough for all her help and last minute running around and hallelujah for Nora’s godmother ( we can officially say that now) living close by. Nora would have never been bathed for her big day.

So skip ahead from the crazy morning and us arriving at the church. I’m a mess because I feel like I got nothing done but Nora Grace looks absolutely beautiful. She’s in a great mood considering she had been teething the last two days, and she’s happy to be surrounded by family for once.

I wish we had taken advantage of this moment to take more pictures but we figured we would have all day.

So church stuff blah blah, Nora’s playing around, looking at everyone and all of a sudden gets sleepy. Now let’s remember this is the baby that doesn’t fall asleep ANYWHERE except for in her crib. Not on me, not on walks and very rarely in the car. I guess spending the morning with her Godmother payed off because that’s who she fell asleep on (I’m still having trouble believing it.)

We were all like whaaaaatt. So yup, she slept through the entire thing. She fussed a little when they poured water on her head but quickly fell back asleep with some rocking on my part. She woke up for pictures but was very cranky so we decided we would take pictures at the house instead.

Arriving at the house with everyone already there really stressed the baby out, so we took her out of her dress and laid her in her crib. She was very warm but sooo happy to be in her own space. She loved people playing with her from afar. We joked and said it was like have a museum exhibit. She giggled and talked with all her guests. We figured while we ate she could have a little nap and then be in a good mood to socialize with everyone after.

Well she definitely slept. And didn’t wake up until the last few people of the party were leaving. She must of slept, what, 3 hours? Little miss anti-social slept through her own party. The entire thing!

Oh the mommy in me was SO FREAKING HAPPY. I hate seeing my baby in distress so no matter how upset our families were, I couldn’t contain how happy I was that she slept the whole time. Many people said she would wake up once she heard quiet, she knew what she was doing! The only thing that sucks is we didn’t get many pictures and the ones we did get were with only a few of the family members.

Besides that, our families seemed to get along well, and as far as I know everything went great! We had enough food to feed an army and it fed us all week long too.

I forgot to take pictures of the actual food cause ya know dessert is so much more exciting! But there was also like 10 other desserts too. I’m waiting to get the more professional pictures back of all us before posting any. Part of me can’t wait to plan the next family event!



One thought on “Nora’s Baa-ptism

  1. AH! She had a great time and everything looks amazing. I want to get my son baptized too this year. I am hoping to get it done by September. No big party or anything. I don’t know enough people for that. 🙂


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