Nora’s 7 month update

As I sit here and think about my already 7 month old, I feel like she is a completely different baby than she was a month ago. She’s developed this whole new side to her in such a short little time. Now don’t get your hopes too high, she’s still little miss anti-social but nowContinue reading “Nora’s 7 month update”

You are enough.

I got this t-shirt for Nora through a company on instagram and every time I look at it, it gives me all the feels. Let me just start by saying THIS IS THE SOFTEST SHIRT EVER. You have to check out Urban Dreams Apparel Co. like right now. Oh and you can use the codeContinue reading “You are enough.”

Keto cream cheese pancakes recipe

This is the easiest no-carb breakfast recipe EVER. I don’t have anywhere close to the willpower to be on the Keto diet but my little sister did it for awhile and she happened to be home for a week of it. During this time she taught me a lot about the benefits of this dietContinue reading “Keto cream cheese pancakes recipe”

Live Clean (baby) Mineral Sunscreen Lotion review

The nice weather has finally hit us here in Montreal and I know it’s time to put Nora in summer clothes but my mommy heart is struggling. The idea of her bare skin exposed in the harsh sunlight scares me. I know everyone goes through this but gah these first moments as a first timeContinue reading “Live Clean (baby) Mineral Sunscreen Lotion review”