Nora’s 6 month update

I don’t want to write this post as I don’t want to believe my baby girl is already 6 months old. Poof! Half a year gone, just like that! How is it even possible?!

We saw the doctor on Tuesday, and I can finally say Nora’s doctor, as we finally found her a family one. Yay! She’s super nice and spoke to us in English, which is a rare occurrence here in Montreal. She’s also young so up to date on all things such as food, which I was really happy about.

The doctor took Nora’s measurements and according to her last weight in March, she lost some weight, which is weird, but the doctor wasn’t concerned as she is still the 50th percentile. Also, we were super surprised to find out that our baby girl is tall for her age! She’s in the 75th percentile for height and neither I nor Nora’s Daddy are tall.

The doctor said our baby is super strong as well and it’s good that she’s so curious. She hasn’t started making any syllables yet but we only go back at 9 months so I’m sure by then she will be caught up with her speech and be crawling around by then.

On another note, Nora is still little miss anti-social but she started laughing more at the most random things. She loves to be scared and she always wants to be on the move. Her favourite thing to do is be in her jumper and she loves to watch Paw Patrol. She refuses to nap except for in her crib and very occasionally in the car.

As for our BLW adventure, this week we tried strawberries cut into quarters, cottage cheese and broccoli as new foods. I must say I feel pretty accomplished finding something she made a face too! She did not like the cottage cheese so much but loved everything else!



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