Bulletproof Shadow Liner Review

I found this Too Faced Bulletproof Shadow liner one day at Winners! I also bought it in silver but of course, anytime I’m looking for something I can’t find it! I’ve been wearing this again for the last couple of days because I forgot how much I like it. The colour is ‘Get Lucky’.

One end of the liner is the liner itself and the other end is a sponge to smudge it. I didn’t think I would use the sponge but sometimes I do. The liner goes on pretty thick sometimes so I use the sponge to kind of smudge it out.

I wore it in my lower lash line for a BBQ I had over the weekend and actually remembered to take pictures!

The liner smells kind of funny but otherwise I really like it. If I ever come across more colours I would buy them.. especially if they have purple!

I’m definitely going to be wearing this a lot this summer. The colour is perfect for spring and summer time so I’m going to take advantage of that. I also took a close up of my eye to show the colour a little more.

Have you guys seen this liner before? Do they have other colours?



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