April Project Pan Update

I finally did a small decluttering. I’ve realized I’m just not going to use these products. That or they have gone bad. I’m tossing three concealers (I accidentally threw one out before taking the picture), an eyeliner, two samples, a perfume sample, some cream thing, and my Leche Bite lip crayon because the texture has gone off. It isn’t much but I feel better with them gone.

As for actual empties, I managed to finish off a few things this month. Unfortunately I didn’t finish any lip products but I did make progress that I’ll show later. I finished one of my Bath and Body Works hand soaps and bath bomb. I also finished off a sample from Tarte. Used up my Origins mask (which I plan on repurchasing at some point) and my Clinique mascara. All in all I’m pretty pleased with that.

I managed to make progress on all but one of my lip products, and that was only because I forgot to put it in my bag. As mentioned above, I did get rid of one thing. It broke and i managed to fix it but the texture is not the same at all and I really don’t like it anymore. There is so much left but I just can’t bring myself to use it all. I added in the Bite Lip Primer but it is pretty minty so I plan on using that as my chapstick. I’m debating between really focusing on one or two this month to try to finish them or to keep working through all of them.

I know for sure that I will have some decent empties next month. I’m so close to finishing another hand soap (we keep one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen at all times). I also have a couple of samples that I really hope to use! I’m hoping I can make it through a lip product though because I just have way too many. We will see!

I almost forgot!! I broke my no buy and it was all because Sephora had 15% off. I needed the cotton pads so that’s fine but the rest was just stuff I wanted to try lol.

Any suggestions on making it through my lip products a little faster?



2 thoughts on “April Project Pan Update

  1. I would concentrate on one lip product or two for the month. I feel it would make you more confident and inspired to finish the rest. Don’t beat yourself up about it. I think it was a month ago, I finished 5 lip products in one month because I was working on all of them for three or four months.

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