BLW with Miss Nora Grace

Since Nora Grace will be 6 months this coming Sunday (omg right?!), we started a very fun adventure this week. We started Baby Led Weaning. Bye bye mushy food!

I never really puréed the food I was giving Nora but it was still mushy and she wasn’t a big fan. She was always reaching for the food, and she loved to put the spoon in her mouth herself. Therefore, when I handed her a piece of toast the length of my finger, she was so happy! She ate it up like a little pro!

Basically, BLW is when you skip over puréed food and go straight to normal food. You give them food the length of your finger so it is easy for them to grasp and feed themselves. There aren’t many restrictions as to what you can’t give them to eat as long as it’s properly cut up to avoid any choking hazards. For things like veggies and meat, you just have to steam them a little longer so that it is easier for them to eat with no teeth. I did a lot of research before starting this with my baby so that I wouldn’t be nervous. I watched videos on how she would gag (this is how they learn), and when to intervene if she does choke, even if it rarely happens. There was some coughing when she swallowed a piece that was too big, but no gagging.

She wasn’t as thrilled with the scrambled eggs that we also tried this week, so the next day we tried a boiled egg. She seemed to enjoy the texture of the boiled egg more, but all she really wanted was more toast.

Next week we will change to whole wheat bread as I know it is better for her so hopefully she enjoys it just as much as she did this week. She also loved cheese, and I’m so excited for the food to come!

It’s amazing seeing her exploring the food by turning it over in her hands, squishing it, and slowly tasting it. It is helping to improve her hand-eye coordination, as well as develop her pincher grasp. But the best part of it all is seeing how much Nora loves it.

I am no expert on this but there are experts out there! If this is something you are interested visit the Facebook page Baby Led Weaning for Beginners and Beyond. They have many great articles and videos and you can ask any questions or concerns you may have.

I’m excited to see if this will make a non-picky eater, and to see what foods she will continue to love/hate. I will make sure to take pictures of the food we do try so we can properly document this adventure!



2 thoughts on “BLW with Miss Nora Grace

  1. She is adorable! I did the same thing with Dean, but he loves his jar food even now. He loves fruits and veggies. I noticed recently that he isn’t as much a fan of the jars as he used to be, so I am going to get some veggies to steam up in the microwave for him to munch on all week. I am so happy! I don’t want to be feeding him baby food forever. He eats fresh fruit everyday. I am hoping the fresh veggies go over well as well. You are doing great with her!


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