Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? Book Review

I first came across Mindy Kaling when The Mindy Project was recommended to me. I started watching it.. okay more like binge watching it! And realized that I really like her. I noticed she has a couple of books so I thought I’d get one to see how it is.

I ordered Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling from Indigo and dove right in. She has some pictures scattered throughout the book which was cool too because some of them were from her childhood.

She’s very open and so funny! She definitely seems like the kind of woman you would want to hang out with. She writes about her childhood, to moving to New York and then her Hollywood experience.

This is a light read and just what I needed. It would be perfect read for by the pool or on a trip.

I think on my next book buying spree I’ll pick up another one of her books to read. She’s a good writer and makes it feel like it’s a friend telling you a story, it’s very conversational.

Have you guys read any of her books? What are your thoughts?



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