HEXX Chocolate Tasting Tour Review

While planning my trip to Las Vegas with my friends we were constantly trying to decide what to do, where to go, and obviously what to wear. We checked Groupon to see if there was anything of interest when we came across this HEXX chocolate tour and tasting, I was so down for that!


It was in the chocolate kitchen at Paris Las Vegas hotel. They have their own entrance with HEXX written on it. The kitchen is in the back of the store. It was filled with all kinds of candy and sweets. They also have an ice cream station to one side and it was the best ice cream I’ve ever had. SO GOOD. They had cute little tables set up with the best center pieces.





You start off in the kitchen once they give you your very sexy hair nets. They walk you through the different beans, machines, and textures. It was pretty fascinating stuff to be honest but the best part came after that. They set us up with samples of the chocolate, hot chocolate, and ice cream. We got to try 12 different samples. Based on what we liked, we got to take home two chocolate bars when we left.


I don’t know if they still have groupons for the tour but you can still book tours through their site. I definitely recommend doing it and if I go back to Vegas again, I’ll be getting some ice cream!


Have you ever been on a food tour before? This was my first one.



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