The Creme Black Mud Mask Review

Korean beauty is cropping up all over the place. It’s a huge trend right now and I keep seeing it everywhere, Instagram, YouTube, and now in Winners. That’s where I picked up these The Creme masks which were made in Korea. They had a few different kinds but this is the Black Mud sheet mask.

This one in specific claims to detoxify and firm skin. I don’t feel like they do that to be honest.. though my skin feels refreshed after using it. The steps are easy to follow too

1- Wash your face

2- Unfold and apply the mask. You have to align the holes with your eyes etc. You can rub any of the extra serum into your neck.

3- Leave the mask for 20+ minutes.

4- Remove mask but leave the residue to soak in and dry on your face.

That’s it! They also are not the cute ones you see online or the little animal ones I’ve seen. It makes me look pretty scary and my dogs avoid me when I wear it haha.

They aren’t expensive but I don’t plan on buying them again. It smells a bit too perfumey for me.

Any masks you guys recommend? I’m looking to try some new ones!



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