Burned Book Review

I loved this book. In all honesty, I have loved all of Ellen Hopkins’ books that I have read so far. She is a fantastic writer! Her style is not something I’ve encountered before and while the books look really long, they are actually much shorter.

Her books are for young adults and they cover such serious topics. Things people don’t necessarily talk about but they’re important. Her various books have dealt with teenagers in numerous positions. Drugs, drinking, suicide, abuse, rehab, and death.

This particular book deals with abuse and religion. Our main character is Pattyn Von Stratten. She was growing up in a very religious family but was abused by her father. She has many younger siblings and while her mother is pregnant, Pattyn gets the abuse.

I won’t give anything away but something happened and her family sends her away to live with her Aunt in Nevada. She gets to experience all new things there but of course, things take a turn.

I won’t say anymore because I really don’t want to ruin anything but there is a sequel for this book and you know I already bought it and I’ll be reading it next!

Have you guys read any book from Ellen Hopkins?



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