Nora’s 6 month update

I don’t want to write this post as I don’t want to believe my baby girl is already 6 months old. Poof! Half a year gone, just like that! How is it even possible?! We saw the doctor on Tuesday, and I can finally say Nora’s doctor, as we finally found her a family one.Continue reading “Nora’s 6 month update”

April Project Pan Update

A little update on my project pan! trying to use up some lip products but it is not easy!

BLW with Miss Nora Grace

Since Nora Grace will be 6 months this coming Sunday (omg right?!), we started a very fun adventure this week. We started Baby Led Weaning. Bye bye mushy food! I never really puréed the food I was giving Nora but it was still mushy and she wasn’t a big fan. She was always reaching forContinue reading “BLW with Miss Nora Grace”

Sleepless nights

Ever since the day Nora was born, I was very fortunate in getting a good nights sleep. She did stretches of 5-6 hours right from the beginning and in no time was doing 11-12 hour nights. She had recently starting waking up once overnight for a bottle, but I knew that made sense as sheContinue reading “Sleepless nights”