Live Clean (Baby) Eczema cream review

Ever since I was a little girl I imagined what life as a mother would be like. Would I be a cool mom? An overprotective one?

Well here I am reading every single label, being home for bedtime and refusing to give my baby already prepared baby food. I said I would never be the psycho type, but it’s worse than I imagined. I must say it has gotten better, I’ve lightened up on certain things like letting Nora watch tv.

So when my tiny baby starting getting red spots on her skin, I spent way too long in the store trying to decide what I would be okay with.

Eczema is very common in infants, and since I get some during the cold months as well, I was not surprised when it starting showing up on Nora. It started just on her arms but has now spread to her back and legs. It gets very dry and flares up when she gets too warm. Therefore, we started putting her to bed in just a onesie and try not to dress her too warmly in the car.

Once it does get bad however, I am able to put a pea-size amount of Live Clean Baby Eczema cream and it gets better in just a few minutes! We put some on after every bath too, just in case. Originally we tried the Aveeno eczema lotion but that did not help at all.

I love the fact that the Live Clean is hypoallergenic and 98% plant based. It is also fragrance-free which was important to me. Babies already have sensitive skin and the last thing I wanted was to make her eczema worse. I loved this cream so much I have started growing the whole collection!



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