Prismatic Pearl Multistick Review

This multistick is like the original except of course the glitter! This is just so sparkly and beautiful. Bite sent this to me to try when it was released and I have to say, I’m impressed.

This can be applied to lips, eyes, and cheeks. Because it is so shimmery I can use it as a highlight, I’ve used it a bit on my eyes. It’s great to highlight right under the brow arch and towards the inside of my eyes.

This is a gorgeous pink called Pink Pearl and the more you layer it, the more pigmented it becomes. I love that Bite uses natural products and I always go back for more of their stuff.

Bite has a lip lab in Toronto that is definitely on my bucket list. I seriously want to go one weekend so I can make my own lipstick!

Have you guys tried this? Or been to their lip lab?



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