Happy 5 months

Happy 5 months to our little ray of sunshine!

Where has the time gone? This day is hitting me hard as I realize I am almost half way done my time at home with her…this is due to a phone call I got wanting to confirm our daycare spot in September. I am so not ready for this.

I know it’s only months away but the thought of not being with her all day everyday breaks my heart. She will be spending most of her days with a stranger, and that stranger will basically be raising my daughter. I know most parents go through this but I just can’t wrap my head around it. My eyes teared up after making the meeting with the daycare worker.

Now it’s time to compile a long list of questions to make sure this is the right place for my baby girl. As much as I want someone to care for my child like their own, I don’t, ya know? I know we won’t find the perfect place, but I have to listen to my mom gut on this one. Maybe if I cry during our meeting she won’t want us haha.

Speaking of crying, Nora has been going through a fussy/clingy phase. I am so used to my independent baby that the clinginess is proving to be a bit challenging. That, and she whines. Not stop.

According to my baby groups, Nora should be going though Leap 5 right about now which is the stage of relationships. This is where they start to understand the relation between things, which causes separation anxiety. She has started to feel tiny in this big world the second I am out of her sight. She also has started to throw things, which as much as a pain that can be, is a huge developmental stage! Oh, and she finally understands peek-a-boo and it’s the best thing ever. So as much as this leap is annoying, it has already proven to be so rewarding in how much my little bum has already learnt in such a short time.

At 5 months old, Nora loves avocados and sweet potatoes, but shivers and shakes to the taste of bananas. She is impartial to apples and I’m not sure what food we will try next!



4 thoughts on “Happy 5 months

  1. LOL. She is adorable! My dad takes care of Dean while I am at work and when I work at home, I take care of him and work. It is hard work to work at home, but totally worth it. I get so much more work done at home PLUS I get home work done too like laundry. Spending more time with Dean is always a plus.


      1. Thank you. Don’t know if you guys have Charter up there, but they let you do customer service over the phone or computer. I work for a global insurance company processing electronic claims documents for a claims adjuster to handle. It isn’t full time from home, but it is in transition.

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