The Comforter Bubble Bar Review

This is the first bubble bar that I’ve tried and I know plan on trying more! They definitely last longer that bath bombs. Bubble bars can be cut and crumbled under running water to make a bubble bath.


I cut my bubble bar up and run it under the water in a little sieve. I know that seems weird but when I just use my hand, some of the chunks just fall into the water. With the sieve, all of the product I put in gets used. That and I’ve seen people using different bubble bars for one bath. It’s super soothing to cut them and run them under the water. Weird right? Well there is an account on Instagram where the owner just cuts and mixes baths and it is just so soothing for some reason.

This bar turns the water a light pink and the bubbles feel very creamy and moisturizing. A little goes a long way! I used too much the first time and my bath was all bubbles and like no water. It has a nice fruity smell to it and I definitely plan on buying it again.


The Comforter is completely vegan and of course it is cruelty free! Always a bonus and always like that with Lush. I have since bought more bubble bars and I can’t wait to use them. Hopefully I like them just as much.

Any other Lush products your guys recommend? 



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