New March Project Pan

I may or may not have broken my no buy but you what? I deserved it! I made an order from Tarte and got the Shape Tape concealed and eye primer stick. I’ll post a picture next month because I just made the order so I don’t have them.

I did better in the way of empties too this month! I finished off five things and I’m sooo glad my lipgloss is empty!! It looks like there’s a little more in there but I just can’t get anything else so I’m done.

Four things moving out of the house feels great! Everything except the bigger Lush tub because they have their recycling program. When you bring back five empty containers you get a free face mask. I think that’s a great idea to get people recycling!

I have some serious lip goals for the next few months. I want to work through four Bite products, my L’Oreal lipstick, threw lipstick samples from BareMinerals, and a NYX butter gloss. I’m going to keep track of them all so I can at least see some progress.

I also want to finish my Sephora shimmer stick! It’s going to take a while for sure but I’ll get there eventually.

Another goal I have it to hit pan on the brown shade in my little Sephora trio. I hit pan on the other two which I’m quite pleased about!

I might be able to finish one lip product for next month but we will have to see! Maybe I’ll add other colours as I finish so I always have variety.

Any tips on finishing lip products? Or any products really!



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