Sleep training

So I heard that the best time for sleep training is during the 4 month regression. This is when babies start to learn how to self sooth and you’re up all night anyways right?

Well two weeks ago miss Nora Grace had only a few nights of being up all night. She would settle back down easily and I was like “yes!” Then we discovered that longer naps during the day equaled longer stretches at night so she started sleeping well again. Not sure why she didn’t go through the month long sleep regression like most babies do…

It was too simple really. We put her in her sleep sack, put her mobile on and within a few minutes she was out cold. I couldn’t believe our luck. I was getting ready to attempt the Ferber Method if it got really bad but I’m glad I didn’t have to.

Just when I started complaining that I was missing baby cuddles as she wouldn’t let me rock her to sleep even if I wanted to, Nora caught another cold. All sleep methods went out the window of course but how can you not rock a sick baby?!

Silly baby still fights once she’s finished her bottle so now it’s become a game. I put her in her crib, sleep sack, mobile. She whines and complains for a few minutes, I put the mobile on again, she’s quiet. Then she whines and complains some more. I tap her bum and hold the suce that she still won’t keep in on her own and eventually pick her up. I know this is a horrible habit but once she’s up she’s out in 30 seconds flat. If she’s not ready I put her back in her crib and we do the routine a couple more times until I pick her up again and she finally goes to sleep. Is this a bad routine? I have no clue…

But it’s working right? And I think it’s a step towards going to sleep on her own. It takes a lot for her to actually cry and I still think they are too young to cry for nothing so I don’t really want to let her. Sometimes she does fall asleep on her own too!

Things like this are so hard. I had company over today and didn’t know what to do when it was nap time. I was scared to get judged for letting her whine but also thought I was going to get judged if I went in and picked her up. Well after some back and forth in my head, ya know what? It’s my baby and I’ll put her down for a nap the way I want to. Let people judge me. We will get judged for whichever direction we decide to take and there are so many ways to attempt bedtime.

Knowing my baby, this routine will change again soon anyways so we’ll see where it takes us.

On a mommy note, I tried to work out. It was so difficult. My body just doesn’t move like it used to and I swear I was sore for 10 days. So I didn’t try again but I am determined to next week. This sunny weather keeps reminding me I’ll have to stop wearing baggy sweaters soon…

If you have any tips for me please let me know!



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