Clinique High Impact Mascara Review

This is the latest mascara I’ve been using. One of many to be honest but anyways. I got this from one of Sephora’s favourite kits. I got to try a whole bunch of different ones and most were in the deluxe sample sizes.

There is nothing outstanding about this mascara so I’ve definitely used better ones. I do like the style of brush though. The coverage is pretty good too. I got this in 01 black and it’s just the typical black mascara.

I like the small size so I can just keep it in my travel makeup or throw it in my purse. I honestly wouldn’t buy it again simply because it’s just not worth it to me. It’s $24 CAD at Sephora and comes in two colours. There’s black and then brown/black.

All in all it’s an alright mascara and I can’t complain. It has done it’s job for me and it’s almost empty so I’ll be moving on to another one soon enough!

What is your holy grail mascara?



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