Lush Buffy Bar Review

I got this body butter bar from Lush on one of my many visits! I tried to get a sample of it first which they can’t do apparently but I bought it anyways after reading a lot of really positive reviews.

I got this because I get like these weird little bumps on the back of my arms and for the life of me, I can’t get rid of them. A lot of people recommended using the bar as it helped them with something similar. I figured why not?


It did not get rid of the bumps but it did help so I’m okay with that. I also starting using this after shaving my legs and it is AWESOME. There are tiny pieces in it that make it the perfect exfoliating bar.

My legs are ridiculously soft after and very moisturized. So my routine is that I shave my legs with shaving cream, rinse them, use the bar, and then rinse again. I pat them dry and I don’t have to apply any cream after.


Do not keep the bar in your shower! Unless it is well protected from the water. I got a silver tin from it to keep it protected from the water and humidity. I never run it under water either. I apply it to my wet skin.

This isn’t a must have but it’s pretty helpful for me so I still recommend it! This is creulty free of course but it is also vegan.

Have you guys used this before?



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