L’Oreal Color Riche Lipstick Review

I’ve been working on finishing this L’Oreal lipstick for a few months now. It has been part of my project pan but I didn’t end up finishing it. I have it in this colour, 210 Rose Profond. I also have it in a red but I can’t seem to find it right now or remember the name of it.

These Color Riche lipsticks are pretty standard. They have the typical lipstick smell but the kind of feel like a lip gloss when you wear it. The colour actually lasts longer than I expected it to so I didn’t have to apply it as often as I thought. Of course I still had to apply it after eating and it comes off when you touch it but it almost stains your lips a little. The colour lasts but it just loses the shimmery/glossy aspect.

The colour payoff is definitely noticeable and this one in particular is perfect for fall and winter seasons. The red is much more suitable for summer.

Unfortunately, L’Oreal still tests on animals. That is why I won’t be buying from this line of lipsticks again. Otherwise the lipsticks aren’t hard to find and they aren’t on the expensive side either.

Any cruelty free lipsticks you guys recommend that have a similar colour?



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