The Lying Game Book Review

I am back at it with the suspense and thriller books! Oh how I have missed my mysteries! I read this while I was on vacation last week but it came out in July 2017.

Four women are reunited when they get a text from one of them saying that she needs them. This book follows one of the women as she fights between who she was and who she has become. She has built a life for herself with her husband and baby girl. The text message sends her to her past and back into the lying game.

Ruth Ware is a great author and this story is no exception. There is mystery, drama, secrets, and of course, a dead body. The girls met in boarding school and formed an intense bond. They played the lying game and lied to faulty and other students, but never to each other. Things have changed as adults and the past comes back to haunt them.

They could lose everything because of their lies but some of them have nothing to lose. I can’t recommend this book enough! I even got my mom to read it too!

Have you guys read this? Or any of Ruth Ware’s novels?



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