Transition time…

I’ve been dreading this moment from the day Nora was born. Even though we are already a couple weeks late, I am still not even close to being prepared. It’s time to put Nora in her crib….in her own room.

How will I sleep without the comfort of the sound of her breathing? Her room is so far from mine! (Okay, not really but still.) How will I know when to go get her? She talks so much in her sleep. Will I wake up with only the sound from the monitor? If I ever sleep again…

The problem with this transition is that it involves two big changes. Nora has been swaddle from the day she was born, and even though it has worked wonders, unfortunately she is now trying to turn over in her bassinet. She has yet to succeed not swaddled but trying in her bassinet means she gets pushed up against the side on her side and it has scared me a few times. It is simply not worth the risk.

I’ve been saying all week that I would at least try her in the crib for naps but I keep giving myself excuses. I have stopped letting her sleep in my arms for her whole nap however, and she has slept well in her playpen. So that gives me hope.

With the research I had done while being pregnant, I knew it was important to differentiate night from day from the very beginning. Because of this, her nighttime sleep meant swaddle and bassinet, whereas daytime was in my arms. It worked very well! Should I continue with this for a little while longer? Should her daytime naps stay in her playpen? Or should I get her use to the crib? So many questions!

The swaddling aspect makes me more nervous though. She often won’t settle in my arms in the evening, but once she gets swaddled, she is out cold in two minutes. I have done much googling about this and the transition method I am thinking of trying is from It is a 4 step plan and it makes so much sense. Basically, it says to do the transition gradually. First you swaddle them with one arm out for a couple days. Once they are sleeping sound for the night, you take the other arm out for another few days but continue swaddling their bottom half. After that, you can switch to a sleep sack instead. The part I liked most about this article is that it stated that if your baby isn’t sleeping the night still, then they may not be ready and that it is okay to continue swaddling for a few more weeks and try again.

We will start Sunday, as Monday is the beginning of new experiences. Also, Nora’s Daddy is gone all weekend (🙁) on a hockey tournament so I think it is a valuable excuse to start when he gets back. I can’t be completely by myself…I am so nervous, wish me luck!

Does anyone have some advice for this transition?



6 thoughts on “Transition time…

  1. Julie, Dean has never napped in his crib. He has always napped in my bed…usually with me. lol But I usually do college or work or read in bed with him sleeping next to me. He sleeps at night in his crib HOWEVER, I didn’t start until he was 1 and had his own room. So, more around 13 months old. Do whatever you feel is right. I breastfeed, so it made sense for him to sleep with me at night until I weaned him. Good luck!


    1. Thank you! This does make me feel better as I like when she naps with me, but I want to do what’s best for her. I am nervous for her to be in her own room but I know she won’t sleep in her bassinet and we can’t cosleep every night since her Daddy is too much of a sound sleeper 😦

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      1. Lol. I adjusted to be a sound sleeper and then I had Dean. Get one of those monitors with the video camera, so you can peek at her and be comforted knowing that she is fine and safe.


      2. I have a monitor just not with video because I thought I would be too psycho and just watch her the entire night lol. I know she will be fine, just one of those silly mommy moments that I will laugh about when it’s over🙂

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