L’Occitane Hand Cream Trio Review


If I had a valentine it would be the perfect time for some hand holding after using this cream, but I don’t and that’s perfectly okay with me. I go through hand cream like it’s no tomorrow in the winter. It’s so annoying because they get so dry, so it’s actually a good thing I don’t have anyone’s hand to hold because they’d probably say “ew!” Kidding it’s not that bad. I just wish I could constantly have soft hands.

I saw this online a few weeks ago and it peaked my interest because it’s a trio of hand cream, it’s cute looking, for 3 items it’s a good price, and I’ve always been curious about trying this brand. I stuck it on my Love List on Sephora.ca and kinda forgot about it. I was then in Sephora on Friday evening during a snow storm (best time to go to Sephora) to pick up another tub of the face moisturizer that I use when I saw it on a shelf. I figured what the heck and added it with my face cream.


I really like them because they’re small and the main reason I bought them is to replace the one I keep in my purse. I like to keep hand cream in my purse because my hands will dry out after washing them or just over the course of a day. So these will eventually replace each other as I finish them. Because I am using them on the go I think it’s important to note that they do not leave my hands greasy. So far I have the shea butter one in my purse and I can put it on at work and then continue using my mouse and keyboard without waiting for that hand drying period after putting on cream. They also smell really good. It’s not an overpowering scent, but light enough that you know it’s there.




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