Snow storm

Another weekly update because what else is there to talk about? Momlife is quite lonely at this stage in the game, and quite frankly, there’s not much I can do with Nora at the moment. I love this infant stage as much as the next mom and I know I should be embracing it, but part of me can’t wait till I get to chase her around the house all day long.

Since this week consisted of a week long snow storm, we spent the whole thing in our pjs and binge watching Netflix. Yup, this momma barely got any cleaning done, didn’t even turn the washing machine on once. Nora was feeling the mood as well since she wanted to be in my arms more than usual (yay!) so I embraced it. I have my whole life to sweep floors and well, I’ll have the weekend to catch up on the laundry, whereas my baby is only going to be a baby for so long.

I spent the days kissing my child more than I should have, and oh gosh how amazing it is to take a bath together. We played with all the toys and exchanged all the noises. Nora has rewarded me by discovering a new sleeping position which is in the crook of my neck. As much as it hurts my back to walk her around the house like that, it is the most amazing feeling in the world. She scrunches up her face to my skin and wiggles as if she wants to be closer. I put my face on the side of her face and it is only then that she is content, completely wrapped up by me.

My cuddle bug has been sleeping a bit better this week too. She is still waking up at godawful hours but she takes a bottle and goes back to sleep until 7-8am so I can’t complain anymore. We get our morning cuddles back and I get a longer nap.

Speaking of naps, Nora’s Daddy let me sleep in on Sunday and it was amazing. The whole bed to myself and they got some bonding time. Also, my fiancé and I are celebrating 7 years of being together today! We got together in high school and as much as that seems like not long ago, looking at where we are today makes it seem like a lifetime. After much of my nagging, there may or may not be wedding plans beginning to form so that makes it seem that much crazier.



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