da Bomb Bath Fizzers “F” Bomb Review


I haven’t had a bath bomb bath in a while, so I was really looking forward to this one. I took the bath on Monday night. I still hadn’t fully warmed up from my commute home from work so I figured a bath would be nice. One of my friends got me a lavender bath bomb for Christmas that I had been waiting to use when I needed to destress. Lately I’ve been all about lavender. I’ve been diffusing it and rubbing it on my temples and feet before bed. I don’t know whether I’m just constantly exhausted or whether it’s actually working, but I’ve been sleeping like a baby every night.


I had never heard of this brand, so I didn’t have any expectations going into it. I appreciated the witty humour inside the packaging. For example, “Dissolve Stress! Melt Anger! This fragrant fizzer is designed to do just that. So the next time you’re frustrated, drop an F-bomb. (Into your tub, of course.) Also once the fizzer is done doing its thing a message pops out, which I thought was different.


Other than that it was a pretty standard bath bomb experience. It sank down to the bottom and started fizzing purple. It smelt awesome, and my bath water looked great. Overall, it was a good way to start the week. My only complaint would be that it definitely wasn’t as nourishing as Lush bath bombs. My legs especially were very itchy afterwards, so I get the feeling that it’s probably not for people who have sensitive skin.




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