Kanda Sushi restaurant review

A couple years ago while working downtown, the little hole-in-the-wall sushi place was our favorite place to go. No matter which other Kanda restaurant we tried, it did not compare. To our disappointment, it closed from lack of business (we should have went more often!) So when a new restaurant opened a few months agoContinue reading “Kanda Sushi restaurant review”

Happy 4 months baby!

Yes, yes. 4 months already! How is it even possible?! Just like the big girl that she is, Nora Grace caught her first cold this week. When she started showing symptoms on Sunday night, I was sooo nervous. Poor little baby was having trouble breathing and we had to pick her up to clear itContinue reading “Happy 4 months baby!”

Transition time…

I’ve been dreading this moment from the day Nora was born. Even though we are already a couple weeks late, I am still not even close to being prepared. It’s time to put Nora in her crib….in her own room. How will I sleep without the comfort of the sound of her breathing? Her roomContinue reading “Transition time…”

Snow storm

Another weekly update because what else is there to talk about? Momlife is quite lonely at this stage in the game, and quite frankly, there’s not much I can do with Nora at the moment. I love this infant stage as much as the next mom and I know I should be embracing it, butContinue reading “Snow storm”