Nora’s 13 week update

So babies are funny little creatures. I’m not going to point out the obvious reasons why but it’s so hard to track their milestones when they do something and then just never do it again.

Nora laughed for the first time how many weeks ago? Hasn’t laughed since. I was soooo excited when she started touching my face before falling asleep…hasn’t done it again. I know the time will come when she will do all those things all the time but common baby!

So this week when she started being really difficult and refused to be held by anyone she doesn’t see every single day, we all giggled when we told these said people “were so sorry, she’s just like her Daddy!” Now Daddy doesn’t like to be bothered and he likes his space, perfect explanation right? When all of a sudden, this perfect easy going baby of ours, became this unpredictable, cranky baby. It wasn’t only with “strangers” anymore. She was barely eating, crying out of nowhere and took forever to put to sleep.

I was taking her temperature I don’t even know how many times a day, sure every time that it would be high and that would explain her behaviour. Of course, every time it wasn’t. This is where my baby groups come in.

Hallelujah for baby groups! I don’t know who thought of these things but it definitely saves us worrying mothers a few google searches (rule #1 of motherhood = NO GOOGLE.) In case you don’t know, the baby groups I’m apart of are with mothers who had babies around the same time as I did. Therefore, as I started looking through the daily questions, the same ones kept appearing. And wouldn’t you know, they were the same questions I was having!

Apparently, and I don’t know why I’m only discovering this now, but babies go through what someone decided to call “leaps.” These leaps happen around the same weeks for every baby and it’s when a big developmental phase is happening. The 6 week regression for example was also considered a leap.

Just when you think you have everything under control, mommy and baby are finally on somewhat of a schedule, mommy’s feeling less and less tired, BAM! The universe laughs in your face and cue leap 4. Leap 4 lasts about a month and most parents say it is one of the hardest months they have had. Nora will be 14 weeks in a few days so she should be entering this phase anywhere from now until 19 weeks.

Leap 4 is all about events. It is in this stage that our babies start to learn that their actions have consequences and that they have more control.

After doing some (free) research Nora had all the signs that are part of this stage! Phew! She’s normal, it’s normal! She’s not sick and thank gosh she’s not like her Daddy in that sense 😉. Being shy with strangers is part of it!

And then she woke up this morning.

Totally fine.

Back to her normal self and sleeping fine.

Is it the leap? Is it something else?

Hopefully she stays herself but at least I know now what is coming up and we can prepare ourselves a little more.

The joys of parenthood, just when you think you have it all figured out.

Any tips to get through this leap when we do come across it? < em>xo< em>Julie

One thought on “Nora’s 13 week update

  1. Dean never followed the leaps, so I’m no help here. It could have been affected by his autism. He never had any big phases. Only time I thought was a phase turned out to be gas and constipation from introducing solids at 6 months. Just breathe. Sometimes a person is just irritated and the next day is fine. She’s just being a little human.


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