Scentuals Rejuvenate Ultrasonic Diffuser Review

So this is going to be a rather short review just because it’s 11pm mid week and I’m throughly exhausted. Is this what adulting feels like? I don’t know if I mentioned it in a previous post, but I finally managed to get a job. And despite being exhausted every night when I come home I absolutely love it. This week has been especially busy, but very exciting! I feel completely at ease though as a result of my new toy, which I’m super excited to gush about in this post!


Over the weekend I decided to buy myself a diffuser because my coworker has one in her office and I was in there for a bit last week and my constant nasal congestion cleared right up. I was amazed needless to say. So I went to Winners with my boyfriend and saw that they had diffusers for a really good price. I compared reviews online and decided to try the Scentuals Rejuvenate Ultrasonic Diffuser. I also bought a starter pack of essential oils, one of them called Nasal Clear. This is honestly the main reason that I bought that particular starter pack. I cannot stress enough haw annoying my constant congested nose is. I’m not sick because I feel fine otherwise and I’ve had it for months. I tried the Breathe Right strips, which I’ve previously reviewed, and they worked great but for the amount that you get they’re not cheap. I’m convinced it’s the carpet in the house that I rent. The entire upstairs where the bedrooms are is carpet and it’s been there forever, so it’s not something that I can change and I don’t particularly want to live on allergy meds until I decide it’s time to move. So a diffuser seemed like a good choice and I can honestly say that it’s the best purchase I’ve made in a while.


First of all the actual diffuser looks awesome. It looks like it’s straight out of a yoga retreat setting with it’s roundness and natural wood finishing. It’s also super easy to use. The only complaint in the reviews was that it’s slightly noisy in the sense that you can hear the water dripping down inside of it. Now, that doesn’t bother me. I actually find it soothing, but others might find it annoying. I turn it on as soon as I get home from work and I leave it on as I sleep and then turn it off before I go to work. I fill up the water before going to bed and add a few drops of essential oils and it’s that easy.

I definitely notice a difference in my nasal congestion. I no longer feel stuffed up. Right before bed as soon as I would lay down and mornings always seemed to be the worst for the stuffiness, but since getting the diffuser I go to bed and wake up fine! Needless to say I’m super satisfied.

What’s your favourite essential oil scent?



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