What She Knew Book Review

I got this book for Christmas this year and I just finished reading it so I figured I’d give you guys a little review on it. It was an okay book, not my favourite but what can you do. This was also a New York Times Bestseller, it was previously published under a different name. I have no idea why it was changed but it used to be called ‘Burnt Paper Sky’.

This starts a little slow and there are some exciting points but not many. I think it had the potential to be an awesome book but it was just missing something for me. There were quite a few slow points and somethings were pretty frustrating to be honest. It switches perspectives throughout the book which made it a little better I think. You could see what was happening with the police force as well as what the mother was going through.

The main story line of the book is that a little eight year old boy went missing while walking in the woods with his mother and their dog. They run through a series of suspects and its pretty interesting to see the process the police go through when a child goes missing. Because we also see the mothers view, we see how the disappearance starts to take its toll on her and it is nothing less than I’d expect. Especially when she starts learning some well kept secrets. She loses her trust in everyone and I don’t blame her.

Now we all know that some secrets come out in a book like this and they were pretty good ones too. Nothing like a little deep dark secret to make a book more exciting! I love a good secret, lets be honest.

I don’t want to give anything away so I’m going to stop here!

Have you guys read this book? Any book suggestions you have for me? 





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