14 by February 14 Update & Beauty Inventory  

I have finally completed my first ever beauty inventory! This took me a while to round everything up and even then, I know I’m missing stuff but I just couldn’t find them! That and I had an order come in after taking the pictures so while not everything is included in them, they are included in the count. Unless I forgot anything but I think I’m good!

I’m just going to start with my empties for the month and an update on my current project pan before diving into the inventories.

Here are my empties, I’m pretty pleased with them.

Here are the updates on the shimmer stick, lipstick, chap stick, and the lip gloss!

I hit pan for the first time EVER on not one but TWO of my eye shadow colours!!!! I am ecstatic!

Brace yourself, the inventory is up next!

I don’t even know how I feel about this. Some categories are obviously too high for me but some are just fine. I’m a little bit surprised at the grand total of everything but I thought it would be higher. I didn’t count all categories, like I counted body butters but not lotions. I didn’t include perfumes either. I did that because I’m partially moved into my boyfriend’s house now but I still have some stuff at my parent’s place. We are doing renovations and work on the house so I’m holding off on bringing the rest of my stuff over for now.

Anyways! Here is the break down and of course, some pictures… A lot of pictures!

Face Masks: 13

Setting Spray: 2

Micellar Water Removers: 3

BBW Sanitizers: 6

Samples: 16

Foundation & Concealer: 7

Moisturizers: 13

Cleanser: 3

Blush: 3

Eyeshadow Primer: 2

Eyebrow Products: 1

Mascara: 16

Eyeliners: 11

Primer: 2

Contour/highlight: 10

Eyelashes & Glue: 11

Brush cleaner: 1

Lip gloss: 9

Lip liner: 4

Chap stick: 5

Liquid lipstick: 15

Lipstick: 37

Eye shadow: 142

Total: 328

I think I will do another inventory in July to see my progress but we will see!

Have you guys done your inventories? Let me know so I can check them out!



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