Sephora Nano Eyeliner Review

I’m just going to straight out tell you that this is not my favourite eyeliner. I do LOVE the colour, it is a gorgeous emerald green. Which is also the name of this colour.

While the colour is amazing, the texture is not. I’m not sure if maybe I got a bad one of if it is older than I think it is but this just makes a mess. It smears and can’t hold a point even after freshly sharpening it.

Another flaw is the smell. I know it sounds weird but this find of smells like a wax crayon so getting a smell of this while wearing it really bothers me.

I won’t be buying this again and I honestly wouldn’t recommend it either. I forget how much it costs but it might have been a sample or promo because I went to check the Sephora site and they don’t even have it! 

Have you guys used this? Is yours the same way?



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