Continental Buffet Restaurant Review

This is the third time I’ve ever been to this restaurant. There are 8 different locations but I have only ever been to the one in Mascouche because it is just the closest one to where I live. I have only gone for dinner but I do know that they have breakfast too.

We arrived at the opening hour because it gets PACKED. It is fairly large inside with a lot of seating but even though we got there when the doors opened, we still had to wait in line for like 20-30 minutes! It was insane but so worth it.

You walk in under the Eiffel tower, to your left is China and to your right is Greece. How cool is that? The point is that it carries the food from different continents so they portrayed that in the building too.

Here is my Wanton Soup which is always a must when going to a buffet. I didn’t take pictures of all my food because I was starving and I didn’t think of it until afterwards.

There is a while section of desserts, so much to choose from!! In this picture there is vanilla ice cream, baked caramel apples, and a piece of pie. I ate my dessert to be honest so I took a quick picture of my boyfriends.

The food is great and the turnover is insane because of all the people. We went on a Sunday night hoping it wouldn’t be as busy but we were so wrong. That wouldn’t stop me from going again though. They also have a website that you guys can check out if you have any questions. Their menu and prices are all listed there too!

Have you guys tried any of their locations?



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