Project Pan December

Uhm, where did this year go?! I started to do Project Pan in February so it has been almost a year. I’m going to do all of my empties since then in this post and do a full inventory in January. Just in case I get anything over the holidays!

Here are my empties since last month!

Since February I have finished 86 things! Isn’t that crazy? Because I still have SO MUCH! I’m looking forward to and dreading that inventory! So here are all the empties:

I’m also going to start a finish 14 by February 14th project. I chose 14 things, the four masks are going to count as one thing because they will be easy to get though.

This eye shadow won’t be done. Let’s not be crazy guys. My goal is to finally hit pan on it though! I’ve been using it for a while so its bound to happen soon..It better.

These are my current standing with the body butter, moisturizer, and foot mask. I should be able to finish the three, if not I can definitely do the body butter and moisturizer!

Here are the current status of the chapstick, lipstick, and my shimmer stick! I don’t think I will finish the shimmer stick but I’d like to make some progress on it for sure.

I made some great progress on my Victoria’s Secret spray but I’m putting that on the back burner for now while I use my Juicy Couture Viva la Glam sample.

My little hauls from Sephora! I’m seriously addicted to these everlasting lipsticks… AMAZING! I want all of them, in all the colours. I have an addiction.

I’ll do an update on where I am with my project in my post next month. Plus I’ll hopefully have my inventory done! Ahh I’m curious to see how that will go but it will be interesting either way. And of course I will take pictures as I go!

Any last tips for doing an inventory?






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