Nora’s weekly update

Miss Nora is now 7 weeks and 5 days. Still attached to my breasts, but we’ve started giving her more bottles with breast milk inside. She’s starting to get used to it but it’s definitely not her drink of choice. I love breastfeeding, but with the holidays and our move quickly approaching, it’s hard for me to spend all day in the rocking chair.

I recently stumbled across an article about being on your phone and breast feeding at the same time and I really took it to heart. The author mentioned that breastfeeding (or feeding in general) should be bonding time but instead we find ourselves spending the whole time on social media. She also mentioned that once she stopped and payed attention to her son, she starting realizing things she wouldn’t have before.

I wish I had kept the article so I could credit her but I did find myself getting annoyed with my daughter because she was disturbing me if she was having difficulties feeding. I then thought back to this article and immediately put my phone down. I have started making that time into OUR time.

Surprise surprise, here I am wanting to cry because I never realized how big her hands were getting. Or did you know she has a crooked toe? Has she always had one? This is now making me notice how big she is getting and I wish I had taken more photos of the little things, like her toes.

This week Nora has discovered her tongue, (she licks anything that comes close to it,) and has taken a liking to one specific toy. She has started sleeping 8 hour nights, (hallelujah!) and is finally starting to outgrow some of her newborn clothes. She keeps trying to put her suce back in her mouth and she’s so close! It’s crazy how many new things she learns each day.

We have her first vaccinations tomorrow, wish us luck!!

What do you do while breastfeeding?



3 thoughts on “Nora’s weekly update

  1. Breastfeeding was always our time. Just my breasts and my boy in bed under the covers. In the evening, I would always fall asleep but during the day I loved looking at him. We spent a lot of that first year in bed in our apartment. He would play little games with my blob like get it squirting milk and then am it every where. He loved getting sprayed in the face. I’m not a phone person so I never had that problem.

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    1. Lol that’s so cute! You’re so lucky! It’s a bad habit to be on the phone and I’m going to work really hard at breaking it. It’s such an important time and time already goes by so quickly. What age did you breastfeed till?

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