Salt dough handprint ornaments

Now that miss Nora Grace is over 5 weeks old (already) we have started getting into somewhat of a routine and Mommy can finally do other things! These things however take way more time than they should and my days fly by so quickly, I blink and it’s already night time again. I started this project last week and they still aren’t completely done…

All you need for this project is:

  • 4 cups all purpose flour
  • 1 cup salt
  • 1.5 cups of water
  • Mod podge

And here are the directions:

Of course just as I was almost done mixing the ingredients, Nora woke up and required a feeding. Therefore when I got back to it, it was very dry and I needed to add a lot more water than the recipe called for.

So I’m going to blame my “mommy brain” for the first mistake I made with this recipe. I forgot to use a rolling pin to roll out the dough. I think they still came out okay but it made have changed the overall outcome…I’m still kind of laughing at this one.

I also found doing this recipe proved to be more difficult with a newborn than I had anticipated. I struggled with putting her hand in the dough enough to make a decent imprint. I tried to push from both the top of her hand and the bottom of the dough but between her wiggling and I didn’t want to go too deep either.

This is what they looked like before they were cooked:

(I also tried to make an ornament of the key to our first house)

And this is after:

I think they should have been cooked a little longer as the back of the ornaments are still a bit mushy. But I didn’t think they would turn out so I decided to try and paint them and see what happens.

I really tried to follow the indents but some turned out pretty odd…

I tried to fix them a little bit, paint them some more, add some glitter, and tie a ribbon on the top but I still haven’t decided if I want to gift them or not…

I might however, just start over and actually use a rolling pin to roll out the dough first, make them a little bit thinner, and hope they turn out better than these.

Has anyone tried this recipe before? Did they turn out better than mine?



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